NuPark_Fort Lee

An early December morning, crisp air biting at your nose while a warm magenta glow peaks over the rolling fog on the Hudson; a welcoming first day of filming and lovely kick off for the third installment in NuPark’s 'Parkumentary' series. The latest setting a municipality bordering an international hub: the Borough of Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Resting at the edge of the George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee sees it’s fair share of traffic and it’s the Parking Authority’s job to orchestrate the ensuing chaos. “There are some days that are just crazy…” states Gloria Gallo, the Executive Director, as we head out into the morning air. Over the course of the next two days, this would seem like an understatement.

"With 100 million cars passing through a year, we were looking for something more automated...something more efficient."

Gloria Gallo / Executive Director | Ft. Lee Parking Authority

Speaking to key members of the Parking Authority, local residents and city officials, our team sought to highlight the unique challenge of 'commuter drop-offs', the host of commuter cars littering their streets, overcrowding their lots and restricting resident movements due to ride sharing or bus commuters headed into Manhattan.

In the two day span our team rode a long with Parking Authority members in their daily routines, hosted interviews and captured b-roll across the city to not only capture the sheer size and scope of both the problem and environment but show how the NuPark platform was leveraged to enable the success their department experiences.