Bursting at the seams and running multiple services to accommodate the growth, Celebration Church had cemented it's place among the Megachurch scene in the Austin Metro area but a move to a larger venue was on the horizon.

When it came time to launch their capital campaign to construct their new building they needed a top tier media package to carry the message and a 3 and 1/2 minute brand video was conceived for launch weekend.

"For More Room. For More Children. For More Connections."

Forward Capital Campaign

Working off a people-centered script, the head Pastors keep the Church's vision at the forefront as they narrate how they see the Church expanding and growing to accommodate all in the years to come.

Tagged at the end with "For More Room. For More Children. For More Connections", the piece culminates with a shot of 'the hill', where the new building was to be built, lined with chairs in 'preparation' for the souls to come.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 10.57.35 PM