David Wiggins

David E. Wiggins is unique in every sense of the word and his designs show it. His attention to detail can be seen in the grand archways, towers and window treatments that pepper his designs all signaling his past in custom home design. His passion to make quality home design available and affordable to all has led him to revolutionize the stock plan market with his unique touch and thoughtful design.

David tasked Mint Studios to completely overhaul his image, crafting a brand appearance as unique as the homes he designs, an updated online presence and a more effective web experience for his customers. Mint Studios was up for the task and partnered with him to develop a unique brand persona, intimate yet grand and flesh out the experience of a 'David Wiggins home'.

Highlighting an architect with a truly unique touch and a heart to make quality home design available to all.

Branding, Website, Commercial, Photo

When approaching the commercial, we wanted to accurately represent his unique approach and allow David's people-centered design to shine through. To do so we decided to tell the story through the eyes and mind of the creator as he crafts a new home around small moments imagined in the lives of future clients.

For the photography, logo and web presence we looked to keep an air of creation and intimacy at all times. Whether it be in subtle textures and haze or drafting lines and hand scribbled signatures, we wanted customers to feel David's hand on and in every aspect of the journey.